Web server hosting provider

Web hosting services provide internet servers for rent to people and organizations so they can post resources on the web.

Website hosting is a product that allows entrepreneurs to rent server space and an internet connection so they can work.

There are several types of hosting services, namely shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS (virtual private server), and colocation server.

The initial use of the internet was limited to “science and engineering” as well as e-mail, telnet, FTP and Usenet traffic. The major turning point occurred with the release of a web browser in 1993 for Mac computers. Despite this change, internet use still remained confusing until 1995 when usage opened up.

In order to host a website on the internet, a person or company needs their own computer or server kode promo untuk niagahoster. [7] Since not all companies have the budget or expertise to do this and creating your own webpage can be painstaking, web hosting services are available that will provide you with server space for you to create your website, publish it and host it from

With increasing Waring Wera Wanua users, the pressure on companies to have a presence is also increasing. In 1995 when GeoCities and other competitors offered free hosting, commerce increased rapidly.

Online security is a major consideration when people are looking for web hosting services.

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Since web hosting services host websites owned by their customers, online security is an important issue. When a customer agrees to use a web hosting service,

Web hosting companies can be attacked in a number of ways, including uploading malware or malicious code. These attacks may occur for various reasons, such as stealing credit card data or launching a distributed denial of service attack (English: Distributed Denial of Service).